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André Léonard, born in Jambes (Belgium) on May the 6th, 1940, is a clergyman, theologian and professor of Catholic philosophy. He is the last of four sons, all became priests. After being Bishop of Namur for nearly twenty years under the name of André-Mutien, he is now archbishop of the Archdiocese of Malines-Brussels since 2010 under the name of André-Joseph.

From 1976, he was professor of philosophy at the Higher Institute of Philosophy of the Catholic University of Louvain. In July 1978, while continuing his work at the university, he was appointed president of the St. Paul seminary, where he continued his work as a philosopher and theologian. In 1987, he was appointed as member of the International Theological Commission, an advisory body of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith

In terms of doctrine, he places himself in the continuity of Vatican II and of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, which he considers the legacy "is not behind us, but in front of us as a program." He is close to the doctrinal and philosophical line of Benedict XVI.

Bishop Leonard is one of those people that do not justify their principles by titles and honors, but base the results of their work on the belief that they are children of God.

His episcopal motto is "Maranatha!" which means "Come, Lord Jesus!"

It is also because of their deep and eschatological meaning that these last words from the book of Revelation of St. John give their name to the International Ecumenical Movement of prayer for the healing of humanity that he has decided to launch.


Sabrina Covic Radojičić is a missionary of peace born in Osijek (Croatia) in 1966. She grew up in Paris and has made numerous trips to the United States. Since the early years of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje she feels called to help the pilgrims and promote the Messages of Peace given to the world since June 1981.

Founder of Sakramento Editions specialized in publishing religious books, close to Medjugorje visionaries; she is the author and / or translator of books, documentary films, CDs ... dealing with "Medjugorje".

In her autobiography "I wanted to help Heaven to save the world so I organized trips", she explains in her particular style, how it comes to fully engage in the service of the Virgin Mary, to devote her life and make every effort to inspire more people to follow this path.

Sabrina Covic Radojičić founded in Medjugorje a Peace Center for providing pilgrims spiritual programs: presentation of documentary films, hagiotherapy seminars (therapy by holiness) in collaboration with Professor Tomislav Ivančić a famous Croatian theologian. This Sakramento Peace Center is also the Goodwill Embassy of Christians from the Holy Land in collaboration with the HCEF (Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation), and, of course, a representation of the Maranatha movement launched with Bishop Léonard, archbishop of Malines-Brussels. 



Genesis of an international prayer movement, ecumenical and interreligious for the healing of humanity

Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard and Sabrina Covic Radojičić met for the first time in 2004 in Namur. Sabrina had contacted him for a documentary film about the miracles of Christianity, this documentary was never completed for various reasons. But since then, the basic idea was there and was waiting for a new impetus to take other forms.

April the 3rd, 2007 Bishop Leonard and Sabrina meet again and realize they carry in their hearts the same project!

From the time he received his priestly vocation Bishop Leonard dreamed of a prayer meeting for the healing of humanity. He had often told his close friends, but the time was probably not ripe. 

A few weeks before the famous meeting in April 2007, Sabrina had a very striking dream in which she was in a huge desert, the desert of the Holy Land. She was accompanied by her friend Father Slavko Barbaric to whom she asked how she was going to bring 500,000 people to pray and fast in such a place. When she spoke of this dream to a Belgian friend, Roland Regnier, he made ​​her promise to meet as soon as possible Bishop Leonard "who dreamed to launch a movement of prayer for the healing of humanity". She was deeply moved at these words... the next day she made an appointment with the Bishop of Namur.

The fusion of energies from one of the most distinguished and senior Catholic prelates and from a bold missionary of peace has enabled the creation of an ecumenical project called Maranatha, in whose ranks are invited all people of good will, regardless of their place of birth or their religion, all those who believe that all other options have been tried and failed, it just remains to take the words of the Gospel, as well as the invitations of the Virgin Mary throughout time: “There are evil spirits that are only driven out by prayer” (cf. Mk 9.17-29) "It is only through prayer and fasting that war can be stopped. "(04/25/1992)

The first Maranatha prayer meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March the 9th, 2013 in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Brussels. It will be followed by other prayer meetings around the world and a first big pilgrimage in August 2013, the Holy Land, where we find the "cradle of the Christian faith, where we were all born," explains Bishop Leonard, this is why Maranatha is an international ecumenical prayer movement for the healing of humanity.

The reasons for its creation, however complex, are summarized in a few sentences by Bishop Leonard:

“In this era time we are facing a great number of blind alleys, numerous questions related to the future of Europe, the future of emerging countries, violence, acculturation of the immigrant populations, moral deviance, the future of the planet, the ecological future of the Planet... There are so many challenges that sometimes people feel crushed by them, and it is our belief that the solution to these challenges lies first and foremost in the conversion of hearts.”

For those who are wondering, wondering if it is worth doing this, what is the purpose of such a project in this world of uncertainty and suffering, and why we are all invited to join the first meeting in Jerusalem next summer, let’s cite Bishop Leonard again in his beautiful clear style:

“Ill say three words that Jesus uses when he is with his very first disciples, his first followers, in St Johns Gospel, and when they are wondering: who he is? Is it worthwhile to follow him? And they ask him: Rabbi, where do you live? Then Jesus doesn give them any address, nor a postal address neither an e-mail address, he says: „Come and see“. And I would say the same thing. 

Here you have a project that was born in the heart of some Christians, a project that interests already many people. But the best way is to come and see for yourself.”