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Maranatha Medjugorje from 1 - 8th october 2016.

Washington DC, 22th october 2016

Dear friends,

I would like to thank you, each one of you, for your participation to this unique pilgrimage we lived together: « Maranatha Medjugorje » from 1 - 8th october 2016.

I would like to thank you from all my heart but also in the name of my team that participated to make this pilgrimage become reality. We are so touched by the wonderful emails we received from many! Thank you so much ! It was wonderful to read your warm words of encouragement ! What a joy ! Thank you to all !

We were lucky to have among us talented photographers that took many beautiful pictures and while we are waiting to have the dvd made, which will take some time since I will be traveling for some weeks, we had the desire to share some of these unique moments with you. Here is the link to the youtube diaporama presentation of our pilgrimage. MOVIE

You will recognize in the first part of the presentation the incredible voice of Darija with her sister Anamaria on the piano singing « Oceans ». Our three musiciens were also a real gift from God.

It was the first time that such a pilgrimage, such a project was organised in Bosnia Herzegovina and we are sure that it will bear fruit ! The different battles of which we are witnesses each day and that are happening around the world give us often the feeling that we are helpless but we see that there are solutions that exist.
The Maranatha Medjugorje pilgrimage from the 1-8th october 2016 through Bosnia Herzegovina was a strong answer.

I think that we will have to think how we could continue this adventure and for that we will need your active help, your ideas, your commitment. I think that we do not have the luxury to stay and do nothing. I think that together we can act in an efficient way and that we must not give up.
Until now human solutions did not give results, political solutions did not give results and did not keep their promises even if the people who gave them had the desire to realise them. We must now start to work on the only solutions that will work : those promised by Heaven with a totally different program...

The « Maranatha Conversion » mouvement of Mgr André Léonard, prayer for healing of the human heart, the healing of humanity, is part of the solutions. We are convinced about it. Your participation to this unique pilgrimage encourages us to continue towards that direction.
Thank you once again for your trust.
We stay united in prayers…