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Maranatha-conversion – March 9th, 2013

Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Bruxelles


What a start for "Maranatha-conversion" on March 9 at the Basilica of Koekelberg!! I had hoped for a thousand people, but at the time of appointment, at 15h, the crowd was still in perpetual flow. We had to fetch all the chairs still available in the entire Basilica. We almost reached 2500 people. At the end of the day around 10 p.m., there were just under 1000 people still present. This had rarely been seen in the history of the Basilica. The musical accompaniment was provided by groups of young people recruited by the Belgian Charismatic Renewal, Dutch and francophone, who had generously agreed to organize the event. Everything was also perfectly "Belgian" in both major national languages.

The first hour was devoted to the teaching of Father Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine, priest from Marseilles. He spoke on the theme of the meeting ("the conversion of the human heart and the healing of humanity") with the flame and the conviction he is known for. His speech aroused great enthusiasm.

After that came the celebration of the Eucharist. I suffered a terrible loss of voice, but thanks to the excellent accoustics and at the cost of a sustained effort, I could still celebrate Mass and deliver the homily. In addition, the joyful faith and the intensive prayer of the assembly roused my admiration and provided me with both physical and spiritual energy. Ah! Thanks to you Christian people, so ardent in hope! 

The rest of the meeting was dedicated to praise, intercession, testimonies of conversions and spiritual healings, all in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, adored and loved passionately!

There is no doubt that this first meeting will be followed by others. The first to come being the "Maranatha" pilgrimage in the Holy Land in August. But there will be others ...

Bishop André-Joseph LÉONARD,

Archbishop of Malines-Bruxelles