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«The prophet Jeremiah already said: “The human heart is complicated and sick” (Jr 17: 9 ). What would he say today with humanity and the world facing so many threats? Yes, Humanity is sick and needs conversion. We need conversion. All of us. Together with a group of motivated lay people, it seemed to me urgent to launch a movement of prayer and renewed commitment to faith for the healing of the human heart and humanity. An international ecumenical movement bringing together Christians from various denominations.

In the belief that only the Lord can save us from the abyss and give us hope again, we have entitled this movement "Maranatha" ("Come Lord", in Aramaic, the language of Jesus), inspiring ourselves from the penultimate verse in the Bible: "Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!" (Rev 22:20) 

To support this approach, we propose a novena of prayer and a rosary also specially designed with this in mind. But most importantly, we are organizing a first major international pilgrimage to the Holy Land in August 2013. A true pilgrimage of prayer, conversion, fraternity, while attending the Holy Places where Jesus gave us birth. It will also be a way for us to support our fellow Christians in the Holy Land. With some bishops, priests, and many pilgrims, I will myself participate in this great process of prayer, conversion and solidarity. You will find in this leaflet all the necessary information for this purpose. Let me, very simply, through this brief message, fraternally invite you to participate. Be welcome! I think you will not regret it...»                                                                                                                 

Mgr. A.-J. Léonard,A

Archbishop of Malines-Brussels



The site www.maranatha-conversion.com has been achieved by motivated volunteers. Except Gordan, our webmaster from Mostar, who implemented the technical elements of the site, nobody has experience in the creation or production of websites. We therefore ask you to be indulgent.

It is clear that this site will have to improve and also be translated into other languages. We will need your help and your skills in all possible fields. Share with us your ideas and suggestions but also carry us in your prayers.

We earnestly desire that the greatest number of people of goodwill around the world can participate in this great adventure "Maranatha!". Enthusiastic responses are a great motivation to move forward, to seek again and again all bold means daring to incite the largest number of people of all countries, of all socio-economic backgrounds, all religious traditions to join us. It is only together, in prayer and fasting, confident that the light is always victorious over the darkness that we will achieve our common dream, that the world will be healed, that the human heart will finally be at peace, leading to the birth of a new world ...

If you participate in a focus group or a prayer group, if you think about joining one soon or if you dream to create one soon, or if you e of good will, join us! We need your active participation! It is vital that we all commit ourselves, that we become involved in our lives and not just poor helpless spectators.

Despite all our good intentions, there are costs that we cannot escape. If this project "Maranatha!" speaks to your heart, do not hesitate to send us a financial contribution in the form of a donation.

Your generosity will also allow a priest or a person without resources to join us for this pilgrimage.