A call for cooperation between all people of good will, whatever their spiritual traditions, to intercede for the healing of the human heart, the healing of the world.

How can we overcome the evil around us? How can we drive away this darkness that sometimes hides in our own hearts and of which we are often unaware? How can we begin to become the good we dream of seeing established in the world? How can we stop bending our heads and feel powerless in the face of the evil that is spreading, that is advancing to rule the world and destroy it? There is an urgency, we can no longer pretend that everything will resolve itself. But then how can we find ways to implement what Pope Francis is proposing to us – and also what previous popes have always proposed as solutions?

Everything that is beautiful and exists in the visible is first born in the invisible, in the form of an idea, a prayer, a dream… This “Third World War by little ends” that we are living today and of which Pope Francis speaks is also born in the invisible before making these ravages in the visible world. We have allowed a civilization of death to replace the quest for a civilization of love. We are clearly in a war on a spiritual level and we must find ways to deal with it, with spiritual weapons, the only ones that will be terribly effective. Now that the problem is at the global level, we must be creative and find ways to respond at the global, world level.

Let us wake up, let us meet, let us find ways to bring together regularly all men and women of good will, regardless of our religious traditions! Let us be stronger than the evil that desires not only to destroy life on our planet but to destroy the planet itself! Let us pull out our trumpets from Jericho and untiringly gather to bring down the walls erected by evil! Let us not be afraid of the other, let us not be afraid to seek solutions together by uniting our hearts in prayer, whatever its expression may be for us, by interceding for the healing of the human heart, the healing of humanity! Let us not be afraid to seek and share the love for which we were created and which is the purpose of all existence!

Let us not forget that we are all different and respect the dignity of religious expression of all the world’s inhabitants! There is no question of a syncretic movement proposing to have only one world religion, this would be the very opposite of the desired approach. What is important is that everyone sets out on a personal journey to “encounter the love of God” because it allows us to open our eyes and hearts and to put in place concrete solutions, projects on which all people of good will who feel called to do so will work together.

We must seek to achieve the critical mass that will be necessary to shift the balance towards the good, to annihilate forever what destroys Life in all its forms. This is our fundamental objective. We are convinced that this is possible, we are aware of the madness and difficulty of the company but we are also aware that if we do nothing, there will be no solution that will appear on its own. The solutions will only come when people, the largest number of people on the planet, finally become aware that the only weapons that will defeat the darkness that invades us are spiritual weapons; that these spiritual weapons are in their hands, in their own hearts… and not in the hands of leaders who promise everything but who are powerless to find solutions to anything or who, too often, propose more and more destructive initiatives.

Respecting deeply the religious identity of each believer at the heart of all the world’s religions, we call on you to build, together, a world where Faith, Hope and Charity reign.

Let us unite by heart, let us unite spiritually! Join us in an existing group! Or start a “Maranathon” with friends and family in a spiritual centre near you!

Let’s wake up, let’s commit!

« That is why I say to you: whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have already received it and it will be granted to you. » Mark 11,24

Sabrina Covic Radojicic